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ASSJ-NRJE Experts Database

Welcome to the database of experts and researchers who focus on contemporary Jewish practices, cultures, institutions, and communities. The database is a joint project of the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry (ASSJ) and the Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE).

The purposes of this database are:

  1. To facilitate interaction and collaboration within and between the fields of social science of Jewry and Jewish education.

  2. To enable Jewish organizations to find researchers who are interested in conducting applied research.

  3. To enable journalists to find experts who are willing to be interviewed.

  4. To enable synagogues, JCCs, and other Jewish institutions to find scholars to give lectures/presentations.

How to use the database

Use the search box to search with any keyword: topic, community, name, institution, research methodology, etc. Or you can sort by individual columns.


Add yourself

Click here to join the database as a scholar.


About us

The database was conceived by Sarah Bunin Benor, with input from the ASSJ-NRJE Database Committee:

Sarah Bunin Benor, PhD

Matt Boxer, PhD

Matt Brookner, MPP, MA

Peter Gluck, PhD

Ziva Hassenfeld, PhD

Keren McGinity, PhD

Diane Tickton Schuster, PhD

Sara Shapiro-Plevan, MA

Gila Silverman, PhD

Matt Williams, PhD

Listing here does not imply that ASSJ or NRJE endorses each scholar’s work, and ASSJ and NRJE bear no responsibility for problems that may arise. Users are encouraged to research individuals’ publications and other accomplishments.


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