Chad Gadya: Judeo-Italian, -Piedmontese, -Provencal

Examples from Judeo-Italian, Judeo-Piedmontese, and Judeo-Provencal courtesy of George Jochnowitz.

Chad Gadya from Rome

Chad Gadya from Venice

Chad Gadya in Judeo-Piedmontese

Chad Gadya in Judeo-Provencal (Shuadit), as sung by Armand Lunel, the last speaker of the language.

Recording of Chad Gadya in Judeo-Provencal sung by Eliane Amado Levi-Valensi around 1972. Her family was from Salonica, but her husband was Max Amado, whose mother was a Bédarride from Carpentras. Provided by Peter Nahon.

Chad Gadya Eliane Amado Levi-Valensi
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Chad Gadya in Judeo-Italian

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Chad Gadya in Judeo-Italian, from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

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