Chad Gadya - Judeo-Tajik (Bukharian)

The Open Siddur Project includes the text and translation of Chad Gadya into Judeo-Tajik. Below is the final verse in Hebrew script, transliteration, and English translation.

Then the blessed Holy One came and slaughtered the Angel of Death who slaughtered the shoḥet who slaughtered the ox that drank the water that put out the fire that burned the stick that bit the dog that bit the cat that ate the goat that my father bought for two zuzim, for two zuzim.

Ve biyomad ha-Qodösh Borukh Hu ve bikhusht be malakh ha-movet, onchi bikhusht be shöhet, onchi zobeh khord be on gov, onchi binöshid be ob, onchi khomösh khard be otash, onchi bisözond be aso, onchi bizad be on sag, onchi bigozid be pishok, onchi bikhörd be buzghola, onchi bikharid padar be du tanga. Jon buzghola, jon buzghola.

וְבִּיאָמַד הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא וְבִּיכוּשְׁת בְּמַלְאַךְ הַמָוֶת אָנְגִ׳י בִּיכוּשְׁת בְּשׁוֹחֵט, אָנְגִ׳י זַבְּח כַרְד בְּאָן גָּאו, אָנְגִ׳י בִּינוֹשִׁיד בְּאָבּ, אָנְגִ׳י כָאמוֹשׁ כַרְד בְּאָתַשׁ, אָנְגִ׳י בִּיסוֹזָנד בְּעַצָא, אָנְגִ׳י בִּיזַר בְּאָן סַגּ, אָנְגִ׳י בִּיגַּזִיד בְּפִּישַׁךּ, אָנְגִ׳י בִּכוֹרְד בְּבּוּזְגָאלַה, אָנְגִ׳י בִּיכַרִיד פַּדַר בְּדוּ תַנְגַּה. גָׄאן בּוּזְגָאלַה גָׄאן בּוּזְגָאלַה.

Chad Gadya, Bukharian version

Chad Gadya, Bukharian version: Jon Buzghole, performed by Chloe Pourmorady and Asher Shasho Levy

Bukharian Chad Gadya.jpg

Text of Jon Buzghole / Jon Buzghola. From Ezra Malakov, Musical Treasures of the Bukharian Jewish Community. Tel Aviv, USA: World Bukahrian Jewish Congress, 2007.

Last three verses of Jon Buzghole / Jon Buzghola, from Ḥukat haPesaḥ by Shimshon bar Pesach m'Osteropoli, Shimon Ben Eliyahu Hakham, 1904, Jerusalem.

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