Passover tables around the world

Passover tables generally include ceremonial foods representing the Passover sacrifice, the bitterness of slavery, the bread of affliction, and the sweetness of redemption. But communities around the world use diverse foods and display them in diverse ways. This page presents a few hand-drawn schematics based on the images and information in Jennifer Felicia Abadi's Too Good to Passover: Sephardic & Judeo-Arabic Seder Menus and Memories from Africa, Asia and Europe. Below, you will find a slide show of Jews around the world celebrating Passover.

Greek seder plate

Yemenite Passover table

Libyan Passover basket tray ("sabadj")

Bukharian Passover tray ("ke'ara")

American Ashkenazi seder plate, including an orange, which represents the inclusion of marginalized Jews (image and explanation from My Jewish Learning).


Images from paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and photos of Jews around the world celebrating Passover. Hover to see captions or click on image to view complete slideshow.

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