Echad Mi Yodea / Who Knows One: Jewish English

Jewish English

Who knows THIRTEEN?


THIRTEEN are the attributes of God.

TWELVE are the tribes of Yisrael.

ELEVEN are the stars in Joseph's dream.

TEN are the Ten Commandments.

NINE are the months til a baby's born.

EIGHT are the days before a baby boy's bris (brit milah).

SEVEN are the days of the week [clap clap]. 

SIX are the books of the Mishnah. 

FIVE are the books of the Torah. 
FOUR are the immas (mommas/mothers). 
THREE are the abbas (papas/fathers). 
TWO are the luchot (tablets) that Moshe (Moses) brought. 
ONE is Hashem, ONE is Hashem, ONE is Hashem

In the heavens and the earth.

Ooh, ah, ooh ah ah, I said ooh, ah, ooh, ah ah.

Echad mi Yodea sung in Jewish English by Cantor Ken Richmond and Rabbi Shira Shazeer

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