Who Knows One / Echad Mi Yodea:

Bukharian / Judeo-Tajik

Sezdakhum kie medonad? [Who knows the thirteenth?]

Sezdakhum man’ medonam! [I know the thirteenth.]

Sezdakhum: sezdah khislatcho. [Thirteenth are the 13 Attributes (of God).]

Duvozdakhum: duvozdah shivtocho. [Twelfth are the 12 Tribes.]

Yozdakhum: yozdah sitoracho. [Eleventh are the 11 Stars (in Joseph's dream).]

Dakhumin: dakh sukhanon. [Tenth are the 10 Utterances (Commandments).]

Nokhumin: noch mochie zanon. [Ninth are the nine months of pregnancy.]

Khashtumin: khasht rouzi millo. [Eighth are the eight days of circumcision.]

Khaftumin: khaft rouzi khafta. [Seventh are the seven days of the week.]

Shishtumin: shash sidrey mishno. [Sixth are the six Orders of the Mishnah.]

Panjumin: panj sifrey Toro. [Fifth are the five books of Torah.]

Chorumin: chor’ modaron. [Fourth are the four Matriarchs.]

Seyumin: se’e padaron. [Third are the three Patriarchs.]

Duyumin: du’u lavchie gavkhar. [Second are the two Tablets of the Covenant.]

Yakumin: Khudoyi pabun olamin. [First is God, Lord of Heaven and Earth.]  

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