Echad mi yodea / Who Knows One?


Several recordings in Yiddish

Ver ken zogn ver ken redn vos di DRAYTSN batayt? [Who can say what THIRTEEN means?] 

DRAYTSN iz men bar mitsve. [THIRTEEN one is a bar mitzvah.]

TSVELF zenen di shvotim. [TWELVE are the tribes.]

ELF ZENEN di shtern. [ELEVEN are the stars.]

TSEN zenen di gebot. [TEN are the Commandments.]

NAYN zenen khedoshim trogt men. [NINE months you're carried.]

AKHT teg iz der bris. [EIGHT days till the bris.]

​ZIBN zenen di vokh-teg. [SEVEN are the weekdays.] 
ZEKS zenen mishnayes. [SIX are the books of the Mishnah.] 
FINF zenen khamushim. [FIVE are the books of the Torah.] 
FIR zenen di imoes (mames). [FOUR are the mothers.] 
DRAY zenen di oves (tates). [THREE are the fathers.] 
TSVEY zenen di lukhes. [TWO are the tablets.] 
Un EYNER iz dokh got. [And ONE is of course God.] 
Un got iz eyner, un vayter keyner. [And God is One, and there is no other.]

The 13th stanza of Ehad Mi Yodea in Hebrew and Yiddish from the Prague Haggadah manuscript, 1526. Courtesy of the National Library of Israel​.


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