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This page provides free curricular resources for Jewish day schools, religious schools, camps, youth groups, and adult education organizations. There are lesson plans about Jewish languages, Yiddish, and Jewish English, and there are videos and teachers' guides about Jewish Neo-Aramaic and Judeo-Median languages of Iran. More resources will be added in the coming years. If you have ideas for other resources that would be useful, or if you'd like to contribute curricular materials, please get in touch.

Pages for Jewish Holidays

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 - Who speaks Jewish languages?

Lesson 2 - How do these languages differ from the neighboring non-Jewish languages?

Lesson 3 - What are these languages like? Focus on Yiddish

Lesson 4 - Jewish English: Drawing from Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, etc.

Lesson 5 - Rosh Hashanah Symbolic Foods with Optional MasterChef

Notecards, posters, worksheets, and other materials for the lessons above

Jewish Language at Camp

Short films about Jewish languages

Short film about Jewish Neo-Aramaic.

Teachers' guide about Jewish Neo-Aramaic.

Short film about Judeo-Median languages of Iran (Judeo-Isfahani, Judeo-Hamedani, Judeo-Kashani, etc.).

Teachers' guide about Judeo-Median languages of Iran

See also curricular resources about Jewish diversity from our partner organizations, ASF Institute of Jewish ExperienceBechol Lashon, and JIMENA.

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