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This exhibit shares fun facts, curriculum content, liturgy, and other resources surrounding Shavuot around the Jewish world and in various Jewish languages.

A Medieval Aramaic Poem for Shavuot.png
Moed-e Gol.png

Shavuot Recordings in Ladino

Ketuba de la Ley, Mollie Cohen, 1930s-40s

Ketuba de la Ley, Berta Aguada, Çannakale tradition. 1983

Ketuba de la Ley, Sephardic Bikkur Holim, Seattle

Ketubbah de la ley de shavot.png
ketubbah de la ley de shavuot pt 2.png
A Judeo-Greek Hymn on Shavuot.png
A Velada Vigil.png

Hénas ho Kýrios, a piyyut in Judeo-Greek for Shavuot, c. 16th-17th century,
via OpenSiddur)

shavuot j-greek.png
Shavuot Shrine Visiting V2.png
AJSL 2 Iconicity.png

Ayn Adir k'Adonai (There is none like God), Judeo-Arabic translation circa 17th-century, via OpenSiddur

Shavuot Piyyut
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