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Map of Jewish Languages

This map represents the diversity of Jewish languages around the world and throughout history. You can click on an arrow for more information about a language. Note that the interactive features of this map may not work on mobile devices.


The shaded areas are only approximations; the reality is actually more complicated. Some areas have been home to several Jewish languages (e.g., Judeo-Berber, Hakitía, Judeo-Arabic, and Jewish French in Morocco;  Judeo-Slavic, Yiddish, and Jewish Russian in some Slavic lands). In order to represent all periods of history in one map, each area includes only one language and does not present information on variation, chronology, bilingualism, etc.

This map was conceived and produced by Sarah Bunin Benor and designed by Leah Helfgott and Shawn Fields-Meyer. The map is based on information from several sources, including Lowenstein's The Jewish Cultural Tapestry.



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