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Student Exhibit:
Language in Jewish Children's Literature

The Jewish Language Project is proud to present an exhibit of student assignments on language in Jewish children's literature. These videos, podcasts, and papers represent some of the best work from Sarah Bunin Benor's class for University of Southern California undergraduates, "Jewish Language in the 21st Century." The first assignment was to analyze one or two children's books that are written in English but infused with another Jewish language. The final assignment was to interview a speaker of an endangered Jewish language and then write the text (not illustrations!) for an English children's book based on the interview, incorporating words and quotes from the endangered language. These books raise awareness about and exposure to diverse Jewish languages among English-speaking readers. You can see the full assignment on the syllabus.

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Analysis of Published Children's Books

beautiful yetta yiddish chicken.png
buen shabbat.jpg
hanukkah in little havana.jpeg

Beautiful Yetta, The Yiddish Chicken

Buen Shabat, Shabbat Shalom / Goodnight Bubbala

Hanukkah in Little Havana

sammy spider's new friend.jpg

Sammy Spider's New Friend / Boker Tov, Good Morning

tia fortunas new home.jpg

Tia Fortuna's New Home

when zaydeh danced on eldridge street.jpg

When Zaydeh Danced on Eldridge Street

Original Children's Books

family around bowl of soup.jpg
Boy at jewish summer camp.jpg

The Magic of Uroe Jas

Eli's Amazing Arabic Adventure

Thumbnail for Courtney et al.png

Mordechai and John's Super Shabbat Supper!

grandmother and granddaughter singing and cleaning.jpg

Allegra and Abuela Sing, Swing, and Clean!

little boy surrounded by trains, luggage, numbers, balls, and clothes.jpg

Vitali's Countastrophe

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