Jewish language merchandise

Looking for posters for classroom use? Greeting cards for Rosh Hashanah? Host gifts for a Passover seder? Gifts for other occasions? The Jewish Language Project's Redbubble store has it all! Posters, stickers, cards, blankets, coffee cups, aprons, t-shirts, clocks, tote bags, coasters, and more. If you have suggestions for other images to add to merch, please let us know.

RH greeting card for-red-bubble.png
Rosh Hashana Front 1.1.jpg

Posters, cards, and gifts for High Holidays

Ruben gender neutral.png

Gifts for non-binary friends and relatives

2 souls.png

Gifts for pregnant friends and relatives

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Charoset around the world 4-27.png

Gifts for Passover seders

Let's Eat!.png

Host gifts for dinner parties

Leche i Miel.png

Gifts for graduations, moving, travel