Written text samples

This page contains images of texts in several Jewish languages. Click on the images to see the full text.


komplas de purim.jpg

Komplas de Purim in Judeo-Spanish.

haggadah in Judeo-Spanish.jpg

Haggadah shel Pesach in Judeo-Spanish.

megillat esther Judeo-Spanish.jpg

Megillat Esther in Judeo-Spanish.

silabario djudeo-espanyol.jpg

Nuevo Silabario djudeo-espanyol.



Samples of the Yiddish Forward newspaper.

Yiddish newspaper in Latin script.PNG

Yiddish newspaper in Latin script.

Lithuanian Yiddish newspaper.jpg

Newspaper in Lithuanian and Yiddish.

Jidisze Familje.PNG

Di Jidisze Familje, monthly journal from Poland.



Manuscript in Judeo-Persian.

Fath Nama, Judeo-Persian rendering of bible stories

Jewish Malayalam

Pirke Avot.PNG

Manuscripts of Pirkei Avot, Song of Songs, Eicha, and other texts in Hebrew and Jewish Malayalam.


Arabic story.PNG

A Judeo-Arabic story about a princess.

Sephardic Studies manuscript collection at the University of Washington.

Manuscript@CSIC contains texts in Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.

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