Video Clips

This page presents video clips from various Jewish languages in several categories: songs, sacred text recitations, comedy, and general speech. To see videos of lectures about Jewish languages, see the Events page.


Ladino/Judeo-Spanish/Judezmo - traditional


Ladino/Judeo-Spanish/Judezmo - contemporary


Moroccan Judeo-Arabic - traditional

Jewish Malayalam

Yiddish - contemporary

Yemenite Judeo-Arabic - contemporary

Jewish Malayalam

Yiddish - traditional

Sacred text recitation

Yemenite Judeo-Arabic

Jewish Neo-Aramaic (Mother Tongue)


Orthodox Jewish English

Judeo-Tajik in the United States


Orthodox Jewish English

Judeo-Tajik in Israel

Judeo-Italian (Giudaico-Romanesco)


Jewish Neo-Aramaic (Mother Tongue)

Judeo-Median: Kashani (Endangered Lang. Alliance)

Orthodox Jewish English (Yeshiva Shaarei Torah)

Iraqi Judeo-Arabic (Mother Tongue)

Orthodox Jewish English (Matan)

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