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Introduction   1


Part I: Jewish Language Varieties in Historical Perspective

Geoffrey Khan, Jewish Neo-Aramaic in Kurdistan and Iran    9

Benjamin Hary, Judeo-Arabic in the Arabic-Speaking World   35

Joseph Chetrit, Judeo-Berber in Morocco   70

Michael Ryzhik, Judeo-Italian in Italy   94

George Jochnowitz, Judeo-Provençal in Southern France   129

Ora (Rodrigue) Schwarzwald, Judeo-Spanish throughout the Sephardic Diaspora   145

David M. Bunis, Judezmo (Ladino/Judeo-Spanish): A Historical and Sociolinguistic Portrait   185

Jürg Fleischer, Western Yiddish and Judeo-German   239

Alexander Beider, Yiddish in Eastern Europe   276

Vitaly Shalem, Judeo-Tat in the Eastern Caucasus   313

Ophira Gamliel, Jewish Malayalam in Southern India   357


Part II: Jewish Language Varieties in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Evelyn Dean-Olmsted and Susana Skura, Jewish Spanish in Buenos Aires and Mexico City   383

Sarah Bunin Benor, Jewish English in the United States   414

Patric Joshua Klagsbrun Lebenswerd, Jewish Swedish in Sweden    431

Judith Rosenhouse, Jewish Hungarian in Hungary and Israel   453

Dalit Assouline, Haredi Yiddish in Israel and the United States   472

Anbessa Teferra, Hebraized Amharic in Israel   489

Renee Perelmutter, Israeli Russian in Israel   520

Miriam Ben-Rafael and Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Jewish French in Israel   544

Aharon Geva-Kleinberger, Judeo-Arabic in the Holy Land and Lebanon   569


Part III: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives

Bernard Spolsky, Sociolinguistics of Jewish Language Varieties   583

Peter T. Daniels, Uses of Hebrew Script in Jewish Language Varieties   602

Anna Verschik, Yiddish, Jewish Russian, and Jewish Lithuanian in the Former Soviet Union   627

Yehudit Henshke, The Hebrew and Aramaic Component of Judeo-Arabic   644

Sarah Bunin Benor and Benjamin Hary, A Research Agenda for Comparative Jewish Linguistic Studies   672

Index   695

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